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Market Mail is focused on providing you with a standard of service and access to quality products available to larger corporations at a small business price.

In doing so we have come up with this website to help you promote your business to the market place.

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Did you know?

UV coating is a very slick, glossy coating applied to the printed paper surface and dried on the press with ultraviolet light. The slick surface of UV coating makes it eye catching and popular for printing covers on paperback novels.

BYO artwork

• Crop marks
• 3mm bleed
• Set to our standard size
• All images converted to CMYK
• Embedded all images
• All images in 300dpi
• Converted all fonts to Outlines
• Save to Hi-Resolution PDF

Turn Around Time

The average turnaround time for printing products is 5 to 10 business days. This is from the time of artwork approval. If you need a speedy turn around, we can print your work ahead of our other clients at a premium rate.

Design of the month

Client: Get Wild Retreats
Industry: Exhilarating and transformational retreat experiences
Job: Logo design, Business cards, Banners & Brochures
Design concept: A beautiful wild lotus come out from mud water

Why do I need to look at a proof?

If final press ready artwork is not supplied, your approval on the final proof is assurance that you have looked over every aspect of our work and approve it as accurate. It benefits everyone if errors are caught in the proofing process rather than after the job is completed and delivered.

Can I use Publisher to do artwork?

Publisher is not made for commercial printing. We accept Publisher files but please note that artwork fee will be charged to re-setup your artwork based on your Pub file.

Why Bleed is so important?

Bleeds enable you to print right to the edge of the paper. To create your own bleed template make your work area 3mm bigger around the outside and draw a border, this is where the guillotine will chop your job. Always force your design over the bleed area if you want to print to the edge.
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